Las Vegas Hotels & Accommodation

The town that defines glitz and glamour, the ultimate City That Never Sleeps, Las Vegas delivers - and then some - on the hype. Of course, this is the place to take in the buzz of that oh-so famous strip - the iconic line-up of casinos, theatres and hotels - but the grandeur of the epic Nevada desert also awaits the adventurous spirit.

Meanwhile, Las Vegas accommodation is, naturally, amazing - whether you're looking for that penthouse suite or a cheap Las Vegas hotel to keep things (relatively) on a budget. Want to take the scenic route from Los Angeles? Book a car in the US and embark on the ultimate west coast road trip.

And for a truly quintessential experience, book yourself into a themed Las Vegas hotel, where you can find yourself staying at an establishment that recreates Caesar's palace or those that summon the sights, sounds and spirit of Paris, Vienna or New York. Whatever your choice, make sure you book yourself a long stay - there's plenty to do, plenty to love and you'll need plenty of time to recover.

Offering little or no rest for the wicked, this is a city that's justifiably famous for its night-life. It frequently playing host to the worlds greatest performing artists, while the scene dazzles with everything from intimate cocktail lounges to huge techno dance halls, country-and-western bars to sports bars.

Meanwhile, if you're thinking of dining out - you can choose everything from the ultimate in haute cuisine to buffets that truly test the concept of all you can eat.

And then there are those famous casinos, where you can try your luck at the most famous venues of them all, whether you'd prefer to lay your money down over blackjack, poker or roulette.

However you choose to indulge yourself (making sure, naturally, to remember the oft-repeated maxim what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas), you're sure to have an unforgettable experience in the world capital of entertainment.