Pemberton Hotel & Accommodation

Whether it's hiking through national parks or 4WDing along stretches of off-road settings, Pemberton is a destination full of discoveries free from the crowds of more popular adventure travel spots.

Located in the South West, Pemberton is a small town in one of Western Australia's most scenic regions. Just off the freeway south from Perth, you'll reach Pemberton is less than four hours.

For many, Pemberton's best attractions are all located in the great outdoors - whether you're hiking, driving, mountain biking, paddling on a canoe or riding the steam train back to the town's timber milling past, you'll be enchanted by the region's bush surroundings.

Often described as a town of towering timbers, Pemberton is famous for its Karri Tree, a type of eucalyptus tree which grows up to 90m in height making it one of the tallest trees in the world and native to the South West region of Australia.

Many of the best vantage points in the region can be found by making your way to the top of Pemberton's climbing trees. Originally used as fire lookouts, the largest of these lookout trees is called the Gloucester Tree, towering over the others at 61m, roughly the size of the Sydney Opera House.

Four-wheel driving is a must in Pemberton. Heading off-road and exploring the forests is a truly enchanting way to see this incredibly rich and diverse wildlife area.

The region also boasts many wineries located throughout the region, open for lunch and dinner. After a visit to a vineyard or cellar door, you'll discover just why Pemberton has a reputation as one of Western Australia's premier food and wine destinations.

Pemberton is known for its trees but that's not all there is to see and do, discover one of Western Australia's undiscovered regions and haven for wilderness adventure.

Book Pemberton accommodation and stay in the beautiful South West, renowned for its reserves, parks and vast natural beauty.