Esperance Hotel & Accommodation

One of Western Australia's most pristine and scenic coastal towns, Esperance boasts many of the west coast's greatest assets - its beautiful beaches, unspoilt national parks and stunning coastlines which stretch for miles.

Located 720 km south-east of Perth and nearby tourist hubs Busselton and Albany, Esperance rests on the Southern Ocean coastline and is known for its major agriculture and fishing industries.

The town is also a popular tourist destination due to its proximity to the peculiar Pink Lake, a saltwater lake in Western Australia named after its striking rosy colour. The distinctive pinky colour comes from a species of red algae which forms in the lake. Set against a backdrop of some of Australia's most stunning coastal scenery, Pink Lake is only 7km from the town of Esperance and well worth a visit all year round.

Accommodation in Esperance is typical of any coastal town, with a range of charming bed and breakfasts, comfortable beachside motels and many upmarket serviced apartments and hotels to chose from. Appealing to a range of different tastes, accommodation preferences and budgets, there is something in Esperance for everyone.

Voted as having the best beaches in Western Australia, you'll be wowed by Esperance's turquoise waters and silky white sands. Surfing, scuba diving and swimming are a national sport so don't hesitate to jump in and explore the region's warm waters for yourself.

With five national parks nearby, hiking is also popular in this area particularly in the Cape Le Grand National Park, only a 45 min drive from Esperance. Featuring miles of heathlands, rugged coastal settings and beaches among Australia's very best, there are few places in Australia with such a quiet and unbound sense of wilderness to them.

The town of Esperance enjoys a moderate Mediterranean-like climate all year round and its town centre hosts a complete range of services from shopping, to medical facilities, to many leisure and recreational services.

To visit a popular tourist resort and abundant in natural attractions and see some of Western Australia's more spectacular unspoiled beaches and crystal waters, book yourself some Esperance accommodation.