Inverloch Hotel & Accommodation

A 2 hour drive from Melbourne, Inverloch is one of Victoria's most delightful seaside retreats and fishing ports. You'll become immersed in the town's laid back village vibe and enjoy stunning surf beaches, secluded swimming spots and plenty of scenic coastal views during your stay.

Inverloch sits on the coast at the mouth of the Anderson Inlet and is a gateway to the protected waters of one of the most popular estuaries in Victoria.

With miles and miles of spectacular coastal scenery, the Inverloch coast is a great place to take a dip in the sea, go wind surfing, sun-bake or simply sit back and enjoy one of Victoria's most serene resort spots.

Inverloch accommodation comes in a range of shapes and sizes and you're bound to find something to suit your preferences and match your budget. From bed and breakfasts to cabin retreats to resort accommodation, there's a wide choice in where you can stay.

What Inverloch lacks in manmade attractions, it makes up for in natural beauty. With various boardwalks to stroll along and a serene beach town atmosphere unlike any other, Inverloch is the perfect place to relax and recharge whether it's a weekend away or an extended beach break.

Various bush tracks and beach trails stretch across Inverloch, providing a tranquil seaside setting for short walks or bush hikes around the region. Along the way you'll meet many diverse and colourful species of waterbirds that call Inverloch home, and enjoy spectacular commanding views of Bass Strait.

One of the most popular scenic walks is the Screw Creek Nature Walk, which takes hikers over boardwalks, beautiful salt march and includes an encounter with the region's mangroves. If you're looking for impressive views of the Anderson Inlet and a walk for people of all ages, this hike leading up to the lookout at Townsend Bluff is for you.

Only an hour from Inverloch is the Maru Koala and Animal Park in Phillip Island. Here you can hand feed residents of the park including kangaroos, wallabies and the park's friendly koalas. You'll also learn about dingos, many species of Australian birds and Tasmanian Devils.

Book yourself Inverloch accommodation and retreat to one of Victoria's most attractive seaside resort towns.