Strahan Hotel & Accommodation

Small town and former port on the west coast of Tasmania, this harbour town is a 4 hour drive from major Tasmanian city hubs, whether you're travelling from Launceston or Tasmania.

Macquarie Harbour is the town's main feature, with distinctive brown water from the button grass which grows on the riverbanks and its heavily wooded shores. Its mouth, known as Hells Gates, is a notoriously shallow and fitted with two lighthouses which can be seen from the town centre.

Strahan accommodation can range from seaside cottages to more affordable holiday parks and serviced apartments, depending on your preferences and budgets.

Strahan's main street is attractive collection of 19th century buildings only a stones throw from the vibrant blues of Macquarie Harbour. For the greater part of the year, Strahan is abuzz with tourists and its beaches form the perfect setting for a family beach break.

Locally operated river cruises of the Gordon River allow visitors to see Tasmania's famous fish farms, explore Sarah Island ashore and enjoy an idyllic cruise along the Gordon. In a six-hour journey you'll be treated to lunch aboard the cruise boat and stop at Heritage Landing to explore the ancient rainforest which still stands today.

The West Coast Wilderness Railway from Strahan to Queenstown has been restored and takes guests for a ride through dense rainforest on an incredibly scenic journey. See the region's rushing rivers and cavernous rock formations on a train trip that runs through to Queenstown.

Only coastal town on the unprotected western side of Tasmania, Strahan receives the waters of the King and Gordon Rivers making it a fantastic spot for water sports, fishing and river cruises. Sarah Island in the far south west corner of Macquarie Harbour is known for its fascinating history, gaining a reputation as a place of unspeakable horrors and legend during its time as a penal settlement between 1822 and 1833.

Book yourself accommodation in Strahan and stay in the Tasmanian harbour town which oozes seaside living, historic attractions and nature experiences.