Cradle Mountain - Lake St Clair Hotel & Accommodation

Known for its signature craggy peaks, Cradle Mountain is a popular tourist retreat in northwest Tasmania. The Lake St Clair National Park it resides in proves an earthy nature paradise for visitors to Cradle Country all year round.

Set in the remote bush lands Cradle Mountain is not easily accessible by public transport. Tassielink Bus Company has a service on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday from Launceston, though car rental is perhaps the most convenient and scenic way of getting to and around Cradle Mountain.

Most Cradle Mountain accommodation is spread between the northern edge of the World Heritage-listed mountain site, the fringe of the Cradle Mountain's Lake St Clair National Park and the nearby picturesque village, Wilmot.

With a choice of charming chateaus, cosy village cottages, bed and breakfasts and mountain lodges, accommodation at Cradle Mountain puts you right within the stretches of heathlands and rocky plains across Tasmania's western wilderness haven.

Visitors will become very familiar with the summit which the area is named after, visible from right across the national park. Composed of distinctive dolerite columns, the mountain has a unique appearance, resembling ancient sandstone ruins. The mountain itself was named after its resemblance to a gold mining cradle.

Famous for its incredible views which sweep across the western plains, Lake St Clair National Park has four summits in total, namely Cradle Mountain, Smithies Peak, Weindorfers Tower and Little Horn. The national park has two prominent lakes as well, Lake Wilks and Crater Lake, both passed along many of the region's hiking trails.

While hiking is the most popular activity in the national park, many tourists partake in horse riding and quad bike tours. After a long day of hiking, there's an option to relax in the Waldheim Alpine Spa nearby or simply sit outside and take in the region's unbound wilderness. Many visitors also check out the Wilderness Gallery, a local exhibition space.

To unwind in Tasmania's favourite wilderness retreat, just over 4 hours from Hobart, book yourself some Cradle Mountain accommodation and lose yourself in Tasmania's untouched wilderness paradise.