Bruny Island Hotel & Accommodation

Home to the South Bruny National Park and some of the most stunning cliff top views in the southern hemisphere, Bruny Island showcases its abundant natural assets well - and is a haven for nature lovers and animal enthusiasts.

One of Tasmania's undiscovered gems, Bruny Island is made up of a North and South Island connected by a narrow strip of land known as 'The Neck.' Home to the Truganini Lookout, this isthmus contains a timber stepped boardwalk that leads visitors to spectacular panoramic views of the Bruny Island coastline.

Accommodation in Bruny Island ranges from boutique cottages to quaint guesthouses. You won't find any large resorts of international chains in Bruny Island - accommodation is all modest and self-contained, offering relaxation and rejuvenation in a welcoming setting.

You can access the island by a vehicular ferry which departs from Kettering, a small town located 35 minutes drive south of Hobart.

The island offers an abundance of tour experiences to explore its natural beauty. Whether you explore your surroundings by taking a half-day boat cruise around the island or by foot, you'll surely leave wishing you planned a longer stay.

The two islands of Bruny Island are a completely different contrast - composed of mostly open pastures and light bushland, North Bruny Island is home to the lovely townships of Dennes Point and Grey Bay, while South Bruny is hilly, heavily timbered and includes areas of dense rainforest.

The South Bruny National Park on the south island is truly spectacular, featuring towering sea cliffs and a picturesque coastline. You'll also explore a natural rainforest sanctuary and have many close encounters with the island's many species of plants and animals.

For an alternate to hiking, Bruny Island Cruises are highly acclaimed. On these boat tours you'll see Tasmania's wilderness and wildlife and gaze at soaring sea cliffs and coastal wildlife including seals, dolphins, whales and seabirds.

Book yourself Bruny Island accommodation and discover the secrets of this serene island, its abundant wildlife and natural beauty.