Brunswick Heads Hotel & Accommodation

An unspoilt stunning stretch of coast, Brunswick Heads in NSW lies just 15 minutes north of Byron Bay and is surrounded by the region's spectacular unspoilt scenery.

Brunswick Heads accommodation can range from luxurious waterfront properties to more modest hotels and serviced apartments, and there's a variety to cater to different budgets and preferences.

A small coastal holiday village at the mouth of the Brunswick River which has maintained a small beach town, Brunswick Heads has maintained a quiet and idyllic holiday atmosphere despite the steady flow of holiday-goers it receives each year.

The area boasts white sandy beaches and a harbour and small marine perfect for docking fishing boats. A popular destination for getting out on the water, sports and recreation takes the centre stage in Brunswick Heads. From surfing, swimming, boating, fishing, yabbying and kayaking, there's an array of activity and adventure waiting on Brunswick's sparkling waters.

If you're more of a land dweller, the region's many vantage points make for excellent whale watching or dolphin sighting. With a relatively flat terrain, Brunswick Heads is ideal for hiking, cycling and bird watching, and there's hills and nature walks suitable for walkers of all levels.

For a small seaside village, Brunswick Heads boasts an impressive range of beautiful shops, boutique stores and markets. Brunswick Heads shopping village creates a special shopping experience with several stores specialised in fashion, health and beauty products, accessories, homewares, specialty surf wear and many secondhand gems.

On the first Saturday of the month, the monthly Brunswick Heads markets take place showcasing the region's finest locally made wares, plants, secondhand treasures, jewellery, candles and plenty of unique beach crafts.

Book yourself Brunswick Heads accommodation and unwind in the unspoilt beach haven just north of surfing mecca Byron Bay.